The Wil Wheaton Project: Talk Soup for Geeks


Very cool.

Man I hope they are truly returning to actually being a “scifi channel” instead of the bizarre bottom-feeding wrestling and ghost-hunting format they were pumping.


That’s great news for Wil and geeks everywhere who still have cable. For the limited time it’s likely to be on, I’ll make every effort to watch it. As with most scifi lovin’ geeks, I don’t trust any good show can last at Siffie after the stupid name change and addition of demonstrably not science and clearly fictional “reality” programming. I don’t even want to get into the “wrestling.”


They should just change it The Ghost Hunting Channel and be done with it.

Its sunk low from back when it started and would show The Prisoner marathons and stuff that wasn’t intended for imbeciles.

I’m looking forward to this - I’m hoping it gets carried by Space up here in Canada.

Here’s hoping you can access it from the internet without using bit torrent. I don’t do cable anymore.

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I’m not saying it was ever a perfect venue, but the rebranding effort was a sharknado jump too far.

It’s sort of like Talk Soup for geeks, with a heavy focus on those hilariously bad paranormal reality shows

I’ve never seen Talk Soup, but I guess that means they play a stupid clip from a show I don’t watch and Wil mocks it?

Once upon a time, SciFi - or whatever they’re called now - brought us the awesomeness that was Battlestar Galactica. While watching the series, especially various webisodes, fans were subjected to many ads for the network’s other offerings (Wyvern stands out). This elicited a lot of complains and snickering on the fan board I was on. But it was pointed out, this is how the network can afford to make our wonderful Battlestar. I believe Ron Moore said much the same thing in his podcast. They knowingly produce a lot of drek, which they use to fund the occasional gem when something edgier presents itself.

That is pretty much how Talk Soup works, yes, so presumably this is how Wil’s new show is going to work too.

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