Netflix made billboards that sweat for Extraction 2

Originally published at: Netflix made billboards that sweat for Extraction 2 | Boing Boing

From the linked article:

Designed by US firm Thermetrics for use by researchers at Arizona State University, the robot was created to help better understand the health impacts of extreme temperatures on the human body.

Some of the 10 sweating robots built by the researchers are already being used by clothing companies for garment testing, however ASU’s android is the only one that can be used outdoors.

ASU researchers plan to test ANDI in heat-vulnerable areas around Phoenix this summer in an effort to understand how different ages and body types are impacted by high temperatures.

Spoiler alert: it’s gonna melt.


Weird. It surprises me that they went to such elaborate lengths. Couldn’t the same have been accomplished with little chillers bonded to the back of the sweating areas? As long as there’s humidity in the air, nobody has to refill reservoirs.

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