Netflix to adapt Roald Dahl works into animated series, including 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and 'Matilda'

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I remember the Dahl Estate being rather picky about who they’d allow to turn his works into film or video. Then again, for some stupid reason that Willy Wonka remake occurred.


High hopes. The Nexflix version of childhood classics like A Series of Unfortunate Events and The Little Prince were the best screen adaptations of those stories I’ve seen yet.


I remember being weirded out that the original animated version of The BFG had exactly one (1) musical number, and it was entirely about farts. They even used a reprise of the song for the closing credits.

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I’m fascinated to see if they tone any of these down; The Twits has some gloriously gross stuff in it. And Charlie & the Great Glass Elevator is a bizarre book heavy on 70s-era political satire, racist caricatures, and surreal scenes of Charlie’s grandparents aging up and down magically.

Besides those, I’m most excited to see their adaptations of Boy (his autobiography of childhood) and Henry Sugar (the story of a gambler who can see through playing cards).


The recent Oscar-nominated BBC version of Revolting Rhymes was bloody marvelous and I have no complaints if someone continues in that vein. Track it down any way you can.

Netflix acquired The Little Prince from Paramount; it was not actually a Netflix production.

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The BFG was also the one adaption that Roald Dahl was happy with, IIRC.

Interestingly the agreement includes his autobiographies.

Going Solo was a great read, but losing air battles in WW2 may be treated a little differently to Matilda?

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