Never let your remote control be hurt again


Hopefully one day this treasure will be displayed at the Smushsonian.


I store my remote in the cracks between the cushions.

Mostly because it always seems to gravitate in that direction on its own, so I eventually decided it was in its nature, and no good can come from fighting a fundamental behavior of the universe.

This innovation will ensure I don’t lose my remote by making it twenty times larger!

Now look at what I’ve attached to these car keys…

Remember the days when electronics didn’t depreciate before you could break them?

Am I the only one who sees something else there? Perhaps a smushion is just a smushion.

I realize I’m endangering my reputation for snarky put-downs here, but that actually looks like a perfectly nice cushion/lap desk that happens to include a storage pocket. Not too overpriced, either. It’s the sort of thing I would buy if I wanted to buy that sort of thing.

Is it just me or do remotes not need this, because they’re already pretty much invincible?

I swear all of mine since I started watching TV in the 90s are indestructible.
I’ve dropped them, thrown them, lost them for years, found them, spilled all types of soda/food stuffs on them, stepped on them, used them as make-believe microphones, lightsabers, swords etc, pretty sure bit a few, lobbed them at walls, and countless other unfortunate punishments that remotes in no way deserve because of their exemplary service.

The only thing is, as time goes on, no matter what, the buttons seem to need to be pressed progressively harder, to the point where a 4-5 year old remote will make your fingers hurt just from trying to turn the volume up.

Does this pillow fix this?


by utilizing my Triclops Method, they become one freestanding unit, you only have to find one, and it’s too big to slide into the cushions. you’re welcome

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