New Adidas made to repel beer and vomit during Oktoberfest


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Civilization marches onward.


Sneakerheads can rock a pair of fresh adidas even while covered in vomit and regret during Oktoberfest

Technically, no, that’s wrong. Footwear scientists have not yet cracked the secret of regret-proof sneakers. They are now studying wingtips, which seem to have this property naturally. Nobody has ever heard an executive in wingtips express regret.


Need a Mardi Gras pair.


No mention of how well they handle piss. Did they somehow fail the certification process?

If everyone else’s shoes are saturated with an unpleasant, but tolerable blend of beer, piss and vomit, I don’t want to be the only person in the bar with shoes that reek of nothing but urine.


Study results will doubtless find executives of white-shoe firms never regrets express. Certainly not remorse.


“We live in an extraordinary age. These are times of stunning changes in social organization, economic well-being, moral and ethical precepts, philosophical and religious perspectives, and human self-knowledge…"
– Carl Sagan

Discuss with respect to the development of puke-resistant sneakers.


Previously known as “Scotchgard”. But then that wouldn’t cost $240.


German engineering!
Fills my heart with patriotic pride!


A $5 can of Scotchgard Fabric & Upholstery Protector Spray can get you the same stain repellant action shit!!


Damn! I bow to your “first-ness”.


I concur,
in a foolish drunken stupor of my teen years I once vomited on my own shoes (and other things), and the shoes and I both never were quite the same again.

But I wouldn’t be caught dead at Oktoberfest, so…




aclohol is the poison of babylon!
bob marley’s addidas clad body is spinning in the grave


Are the insides also protected? My cat likes to vomit in my shoes when she eats too much.


The way the camera follows us in slo-mo…


She had diamonds on the soles of her beer-proof sneakers.


Spätstadium Kapitalismus.


Are you sure it isn’t that your cat likes to vomit in your shoes hence she eats too much? Cos that seems like a cat thing to do.


Went once. It’s not that barfy. Then again, it was rainy when I was there. So maybe those with low constitution stayed home.

Now Rosenheim. We went to a Townie bar called, “Revenge” after we got back from Oktoberfest. I really regret that part of the trip.