New Agatha H novel out today, capturing the action from Girl Genius webcomic


That’s odd; the post link is (11/18) but the Permalink in the first post is (11/17), a dead link. What’s up with that?

I find myself slightly inclined to check out the second book, if only because the plot gets so weirdly convoluted there (i.e. with the Geisterdamen and so on) that it was hard to make sense of. Otherwise, having read the webcomic, it seems a bit unnecessary.

I’ve only read the first book so far, but yeah, if you already follow the comic, all the books will add is some plot clarification and additional background/historical details.

I have the first two as audiobooks, they are a lot of fun to listen to. I’m disappointed the audio version of this one isn’t available until January 20. But then, the pre-order price is only $10.11. Extremely reasonable

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