New and improved gadget for doing vinyl-like scratching with magnetic audio-tape


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Laurie Anderson did it with a tape bow violin in the 80’s.


Funny, I was thinking the same thing. I need some new ideas.


She also uses midi switches built into a jump suit to turn her body into a drum kit.
And there’s a cameo and dance with William S Burroughs.


So glad to see some people remember Laurie Anderson.

Yay bOINGers!


I used Junkyard Jam Band to help me build a “Scratchbox” that uses a cassette player head to “play” magnetic stripes on the backs of used gift cards. Later I used the same technique to build a “turntable.”


This is a lot more practical:


I saw her live in the late 80’s at the old Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh; I had forgotten just how innovative and captivating she was (is). Thanks for posting this.


The Becky Block


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