New book makes clear how close we came on Jan. 6: Mike Pence was "nearly lost" and plans were made to secure continuity of government

My immediate reaction was “tell her that George Bush is Jewish or an immigrant, and I know if at least one congresswoman that’d be open to the idea that he did 9/11”

But yeah I mean, we can’t even talk about those conspiracy theories as past tense. Very much alive in the minds of the terminally online.

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If only our government had been sufficiently armed and trained to defend itself against the tyranny of a well regulated militia.


I was curious of the era it was first from, though it is timeless, so I looked it up. 1990’s, Bosnia aerial bombings, he thinks. Interview here with Terry Gross:


I’m sorry you find the fascist takeover boring.

It must be nice not to be under threat.


I hate W with a passion, but the intelligence and governmental failures that allowed 9/11 to happen are different than, say, W going on national TV and inviting al Qaeda to perform a terrorist attack on US soil so it can help boost his flagging poll numbers.


These are horrible times, not interesting ones. I take the threat of fascists very seriously. That doesn’t require me to also find them fascinating. Their entire worldview is disgusting, simplistic and should have died out long ago. We can do better than we are. The fact that we’re still here is banal as fuck and pisses me off. My comment isn’t about entertainment, it’s about the frustration of humanity being somehow unable to overcome its worst nature and move on to something better. Maybe it’s selfish to want to see that during my lifetime, but I’m pretty sure most people do, all the same.


Where in that post was any mention of being not under threat?

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Do you mean your comment was briefly hidden, then restored?

If so, that’s how moderation here works, my dude. And most of us are mighty grateful that it does work that way.

Since your comment was restored, what are you actually complaining about?


I assumed the “nobody” was referring to “nobody in the situation room.”

While conspiracies have always been there, they really seemed to ramp up after 9/11.

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Reposting - :joy_cat:


Way to continue to focus on semantics over the actual point I was making, even after I elaborated.



Not happening to me again. I’m avoiding their stories from now on.


That makes the most sense in context.


It would be much easier to avoid the content we are not interested in if ALL the bylines were included back here in the comments section.

A lot of the time it just says ‘Boing contributor’; though I can usually tell by the context and tone if it’s a “Popkin” or a “Gail Sherman” piece, as opposed to something by “Loy.”



I saw some old discussions in the meta threads about Bylines not carrying to the BBS. So I would like to add my voice to the cause of addressing this known issue.

Also, at the risk of being too off topic, Do we think Yoy is an AI?


I saw one recently and replied that it has been that way for quite some time.

No, I think it’s a pseudonym for a writer whose role is to post engagement bait.


Because Franken has integrity. I am pretty sure he could have weathered that controversy.

It is fucking insane how we have blown off Jan 6 as “no big deal”. I saw it go down that day and figured that this was going to spark armed protests at every state capital building the next day and the start of really bad times. I am a little shocked it only lasted one day. I guess other people watching found it sobering and pulled back a little? I don’t know.

But too many people have hand waved this away - no big deal. Even the people who realize how bad it was aren’t there every day hammering it home. There definitely should be some traitorous people in congress that at the very least should have been expelled.


I love how people act like disinformation on the internet started in 2016.

Fun fact: the big reason those conspiracies were boosted was because over in Russia, they actually did bomb buildings to propel a totalitarian government agenda:

So when folks boosted 9/11 truth nonsense, they both harmed the USA and made people who discussed a very real conspiracy sound cuckoo for cocao puffs.


I remember hearing about the 1985 MOVE bombing and it sounded like a conspiracy, but no it was a straight up, out loud. government action.

Flooding the zone with similar stories, makes the real ones sound made up.


I lost some of my privlidges in high school journalism class because we were supposed to do 3 stories a week, and for one week I sent FOIAs out on some of the claims in that loose change video. (They made specific claims like certain hotels had camera footage seized and unreleased)

My teacher told me you owe me three stories, not one, and “9/11 happened” isn’t a story.

My punishment? Confinement to the journalism classroom.

(It was an open secret that in a HS with a very strict HS policy, ppl took that class because you got basically an infinite hall pass that said to call the Journalism teacher if there were any questions about why we were out of class… in theory to save constant writing passes to this or that area, in practice we’d often duck out of classes we hated, go play pool in the cafeteria for 40 minutes, then wander back just as the bell was to ring claiming we’d been constipated)