Mike Pence finally cracks open: "reckless" Trump "endangered me and my family"

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“Courage?” This asshole could have helped impeach Trump in two separate impeachment trials but we all know what he chose to do. He’s absolutely irredeemable and every interviewer should point out his behavior regarding impeachment at every opportunity.


I often say that the GOP establishment is a pack of opportunists and cowards. Here we see both at the same time in Pence.


Right now, what he really has all the courage to say is “buy my book”


Waited until Trump’s “power” waned to do it.


Fuck that guy!

Before 1/6 he was a corrupt state governor who tried to institute segregation for LGBT and exacerbated an AIDS outbreak.

As VP he gave Trump a measure of acceptance with Bible thumpers and said nothing at any time to oppose that administration.

It took him nearly 2 years to denounce Trump for the attempted coup/lynch mob set upon him. After Trump’s reputation declined within the GOP. When his chances of running for president are reduced to nill. Way too late to give a crap.


Obviously, if you want to say something bad about [expletive deleted], the safest place to do it is in a big book that doesn’t have pictures on every page.


It’s truly stunning how quickly last week’s sycophants are turning on Trump.


It was clear he [Trump] decided to be part of the problem.

I don’t think Trump ‘decided’ to be part of the problem. He WAS the problem. There was no ‘deciding’ about it - as per the tale about the scorpion and the frog. (Hint - Trump is not the frog.)

Pence is just another variety of scorpion.

Also - re Popehat’s comment…

it’s going to be like watching someone try to take their own appendix out with a spoon.

Speaking as someone whose surgeon told me they did in fact pretty much take my appendix out with a spoon (it was so far gone I was probably hours away from full-blown peritonitis), the analogy works: This would in reality mean they were in much pain and danger of death. Good.


We’ve been fooled too many times on the issue of any/some/all republicans “breaking” with trump. When they’re told by insane red-hats or political pundits that they “need” to kiss some trump body part to be viable they unaccountably listen and then are allowed to do a complete turn-about denial they ever said what they barely just finished saying. Every politician, most especially republicans, ought to be associated with a half-life of conviction to a stance, standardizing on lindsey-graham at about 3hours 23minutes. (“Senator your half-life on any notion is about six hours, so by [looks at watch] 7pm today we can expect you’ll utterly reverse yourself on this absolute oath you’ve just made?”)


…I turned to my daughter, who was standing nearby, and I said, 'It doesn’t take courage to break the law. It takes courage to uphold the law."

I would have said, “Let’s get the fuck outta here!”


Yeah, but just keep in mind that this has happened a few times before, where folks who criticized him when they thought his political career was over ended up crawling back when he managed to hang on to his loyal base voters. There were plenty of short-lived condemnations from Republican leaders following his criticisms of John McCain as a POW, the racist statements about Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s impartiality because “he’s a Mexican,” the Access Hollywood tapes, the events of J6, and many, many others.

I hope this time really is a true turning point in his support but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high.


He’s a coward and a lickspittle.



It’s the nature of fascists, who only respect power. That said, they could easily do another 180 if it looks like he’s on the upswing again.


LOL. The winds of favor are blowing away from Drumpf so this worm now feels emboldened to speak out.
And AS IF he said that to his daughter. It was probably more like “Holy Mary Mother of God how can we get out of here?”


Oh, yeah. These are not principled people - political expediency is their only guide. But it highlights just how fragile any alliances are within the party that they’re willing to go into full backstab-throw-under-the-bus mode at the drop of a hat.


Exactly. Saying “Trump decided to become part of the problem by siding with the insurrectionists” is like saying “Hitler decided to become part of the problem by siding with the Nazis who came to his rallies.”


TBF, if I was almost lynched by my own voters, I might wait a few years for the heat to die down some before I stood up for myself.

But yeah, he is still a regressive Bible thumping conservative.