Pence won't do 25th amendment on Trump, 'I do not believe that such a course of action is in the best interest of our Nation or the Constitution'

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Trump. Literally. Tried. To. Have. Pence. Lynched.


Stupid S.O.B. thinks he has a political future :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy:


All right. Let’s hurry to stage 2 and get the impeachment vote ASAP.


Yes, but it’s not in the best interest of the nation to bicker and argue about who tried to overthrow what or sent a violent mob to kill who. That’s all ancient history. I mean, ok, it happened just a week ago, but it’s the sort of thing you hear about a lot more in ancient history.


There’s your proof that ol’ Mikey boy doesn’t actually want to be the one to bring about the End Times after all. Phew!



is still happening…

It’s weird to me that some Democrats are going along with the Republicans and pretending this was something that happened on this one day and is now over. Almost everyone involved is still at it - Trump, his congressional lapdogs, the Trump deplorable army… We’ll be lucky to get through the month without some politicians being murdered.


Yeah, but he can’t be seen supporting the libtards. God will be angry… /s


This should effectively negate the 25th in the future when the most serious of times may call for it.


Pence never had the slightest intention of invoking the 25th. The man has all the courage that the good lord gave to a carrot and the moral compass of a slime mold but none of its charisma. His primary goal has been to run out the clock and never do anything he might have to defend later. Honestly, I’m surprised he’s offered an opinion at all.


that’s some good separation of church and state there. :roll_eyes:


But the day, like a week ago, when Pence’s idol sent a mob to liveblog his death, I just could not stop thinking about the weird little smile he had given the moment that Trump, making his first remarks as the election seemed to be going to Biden, when everyone expected a sort of concession, declared victory. Pence seemed surprised … but also tempted.
And then to see the devil catch up to him so quickly, to lose basically everything, made me wonder what the hell must be going through the guy’s mind.
But then apparently the just made up. Still a Reality TV vibe.


Tomorrow! Tomorrow! You’re only a daaaay aaaawaaaay!


This seems more like a signal to Pelosi that Pence failed to muster the needed support to invoke the 25th, which is no surprise given the strategic abandonment of cabinet positions over the last week.

While rational minds called for action, Old Power gave a nod to itself and Pence was granted seven days to right the ship. To no one’s surprise, he failed.

In too deep, spineless weasel, it really doesn’t matter. Here’s the green light to proceed with the impeachment resolution tomorrow.


Despite it being repeated six times in the OP, I don’t think that “I do not believe that such a course of action is in the best interest of our Nation or the Constitution” was the most eyebrow-raising thing in his letter.

Saying that invoking the 25A would “set a terrible precedent” is what really caught my attention. On the one hand, terrible compared to WHAT, exactly? On the other hand, SETTING A PRECEDENT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS MEANT FOR!


The slime mold caucus demands that you take that back.


I mean… maybe that is a deterrent starting the 25th Amendment removal. Let Congress do the dirty work. :confused:

While Pence is both an asshole and a cipher, I don’t disagree that the 25th Amendment isn’t really a solution – it could get Turmp out of office fast, but only because he has a week left anyway, and more importantly it would require a deliberate lie that he’s mentally incapable of knocking off his bullshit. Turmp is dumb and broken, but he is guilty, guilty, guilty, and I don’t think cutting a week off his term is worth giving him blanket absolution for that.

Anyhoo, what’s more striking to me is that Pence doesn’t even try to claim that Turmp is fit to be president. This seems like as close as he could possibly come to saying “you must impeach him asap”.


It’s hard to invoke the 25th Amendment when so many of the Cabinet members are busy writing their resignation letters.


Perhaps Pence was misquoted and meant that invoking the 25th would create a terrible president, as technically he’d have the job for a few days prior to Biden’s inauguration.