New coronavirus symptom found mostly in young people: painful 'covid toes'

Are the nails on the toes in the OP painted, or is covid supposed to make them turn black like that?

From Science, 4/17 News, “How does coronavirus kill? Clinicians trace a ferocious rampage through the body, from brain to toes”. They even explicitly mention toes.

“Infection may also lead to blood vessel constriction. Reports are emerging of ischemia in the fingers and toes—a reduction in blood flow that can lead to swollen, painful digits and tissue death.”


Huh, I might have had this.

A week or two ago, several of my toes became inflamed and sensitive to the touch; I treated it with an antifungal spray, which seemed to help, and it ended up with two patches of what looked like ringworm (one blistered, and I lanced it).

damn, maybe aspirin is a better choice of drug vs. covid than that miracle drug hydrochloroquine

OMG! Me too, 4 days ago. It is still a bit purple.

Crap! Covid must influence coordination to make people stubb their toes. /s (Though not really sarcasm. More of a stupid joke. The bit about stubbing my toe is true, though. )

If you think these feet look bad, wait till you’re sixty…

One of my indirect symptoms is severely aggravated exzema on my fingers. All that relentless handwashing.

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