New David Hasselhoff Video.... "True Survivor"





So that’s what happens when awesome is concentrated so much it collapses in upon itself.

And I’m sat here thinking “Needs more dinosau… Oh. OK then.” Well played, Hoff. Well played.


That is more 80’s than the vast majority of the videos made during the 80’s. From music to visuals.

Let us hope that the Hoff never uses his great powers for evil.


That was all the 80s. All of it.


Guess what my wife is going to hear me singing for the next couple of days???

Accompanied by some sick kung fu moves!!


They cut the final frame…


Glad I could help improve your marriage… I’m sure your wife will love it.


Well, it sure beats my other Hoff impression where I get drunk and eat a cheeseburger while lying on the floor.


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