See the psychotronic insanity of DEVO's first music video


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Flashbacks, acid flashbacks.


Whoa, Frank is real!


That’s odd. I remember the B part clearly, but I don’t recall ever seeing the A part before. I wonder if they were released separately?


The latter part got split off into a video that had pretty good MTV rotation back in the early days.


Including the dialog with Booji Boy? I also don’t remember hearing “Because” at the end.


The dialogue was included, and the end cut at the fade after 8:42, making it pretty much a 4 minute clip. A lot of the early MTV fare was made of promo videos originally meant to be viewed by record execs and promoters.


General Boy sounds more like David Lynch than Mark Mothersbaugh.


Also worth checking out is this insane 7-minute live version of Jocko Homo from 1977, where they even chant “One of us!” at one point:


In related news, The 54th Ann Arbor Film Festival starts this Tuesday, March 15th.

Love DEVO, got to see them at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival a few years back. Won free tickets from the mighty WCBN FM 88.3 - picked 'em up from will call and when we got in there the usher looked at our tickets and said: “The Band has requested we offer ear plugs for people in this section.” We were in the front row!


great band, creative, artistic, and LOVE the fact that MarkM is teaching drawing on Yo Gabba Gabba! :slight_smile:


Important deconstruction from Weird Al:

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