New details on the Hellboy reboot have emerged

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Personally i’d love to have an animated Hellboy movie since it’d allow them to do more fantastical stuff, but i’m sure the studios would think that’s not enough to draw an audience


The two straight-to-dvd animated movies that they made in the 2000s were very good, with the live-action film cast providing the voices.


I would love to see Stop Motion Hellboy.

"I pitched an R-rated folk-horror movie and the team here at Millennium have been nothing but supportive.

I can’t see why a Hellboy movie would need to be R-Rated. The PG-13 should allow enough leeway to make Hellboy creepy, scary and kooky.


The problem with the US is that they have low confidence in animated features having the kind of draw that live action would have (see the straight to film movies you mentioned). Meanwhile most other places in the world really love animated movies. That said if they really went and gave a good sized budget for something animated for Hellboy i think they could do amazing things.

Live action would be pretty excellent, i can also see a faux stop-mo but done in CG as being just as good. Either way more Hellboy is something i’d like to see, i just hope they lean more into a slower paced story rather than trying to do flashy action movies. In the graphic novels and comics the story lines tend to be slower paced and i really love that.


I really like the sort of Celtic Twilight atmosphere of some of the tales. The slow build, with omens and portents.



I don’t collect comics per se anymore - but I do pick up used graphic novels when I see them. I think I have all or all most all of the Hellboy graphic novels and moved on to the BRPD ones.

And I kickstarted the RPG! Super cool stuff in that!

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Yeah the comics are very much not R-rated except for the occasional, non-sexual nudity. There’s some boobs, and a dingus or three. Plenty of gore. But it’s not the sort of thing that must absolutely be a hard R.

The MPAA is weird though. And horror often ends up with an R rating simply for being scary.

I wouldn’t neccisarily say most. Some, including traditional large markets. And that kind of includes the US domestic market as far as companies are willing to get into it. If you look at Spider-Verse and Pixar and what have.

Thing is there are large and growing, commercially important international markets that really don’t care about animated features. Or American animated features anyway. You can kinda pick apart where by looking at Disney’s live action remakes. Where they were targeted, where they did well. There’s a big ole “why do they keep doing that” hanging over the whole thing.

The answer is The Lion King made a billion dollars internationally and half that domestically. And while that was their most successful one. All the other ones did a similar made double internationally thing. Mostly on top of performance in emerging markets, that are otherwise hard to penetrate. Small dollar amounts that added up to a lot taken together.

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The Crank films were really fun, this guy was also involved with Jonah Hex which was terrible but the fun kind.

He also made Happy! which was excellent. And Folk Horror is both the appropriate tone for Hellboy, and my favorite Horror subgenre.

I hope they keep David Harbour, I can’t think of anyone else who could really replace Ron Perlman in the roll. Harbour was pretty much the only good thing in that most recent one.


I saw the first Crank and Happy! was great too!

Still need to see the David Harbour movie. I love Ron Perlman, but he is getting “too old for this shit”.


I was not joking when I said Harbour was the only good thing in that film.

It’s pretty terrible, and down right ugly looking.

It was made by a bunch of garbage people too. I forget the names and what particular production company, maybe Millenium. But apparently the company that ended with the rights at the time, and the exec producers who assembled the whole thing are a bunch of far right, MAGA knobs who around other projects have gone on an on about the emasculation of cinema. Cancel culture. And making space for super butch, white men to finally have their say.

And there are some complicated accusations and high weirdness around Neil Marshall too.


Seconded. I didn’t finish the reboot movie, I thought it was just violent and gross and nowhere near as much fun as the first. Coraline is creepy AF, get that guy to make it!

ETA: Henry Selick. I bothered to look him up.


Laika FTW!

Other World Animation GIF by LAIKA Studios


I think that I actually prefer the BRPD stories to the Hellboy ones; especially when they are illustrated by Guy Davis. He does weak looking, creepy and terrifying so well.

And his strip, “The Marquis”, is exquisite.


They could introduce Hellboy as a character in The Shape of Water sequel.

Reminds me of Kevin O’Neill.



Good call. They’re got a similar awkwardness to their artwork.


Which story line is that from? I only have one BPRD collected graphic novel, but I liked. it.

The RPG book has you play a member of the BPRD

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I would kill for a really good Hellboy anime, made by a Japanese studio working with Mike Mignola, featuring Hellboy interacting with Japanese mythology and folklore

Guy Davis’s art is so good! So…kinetic. I loved his work on BPRD, and yes, The Marquis is a masterpiece


Hellboy works best for me when it really goes deep on the folklore from particular regions and cultures, and i’d certainly love to see a feature showcasing Japanese creatures and from a Japanese studio.