Take a look at the new, spine-tingling trailer for the Hellraiser reboot

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I hope they keep the tone of the original where the Cenobites weren’t good or evil but more about pain as pleasure. Barker’s subsequent work in the comics got way too attached to pinhead’s backstory and too simplistic morality.


I feel that that Hellraiser is definitely more in the “Monster” category, than the “Horror” category. The Cenobites are too clearly delineated, and too lacking in mystery, to be horrific. Something half-seen and inexplicable is horrific; something monstrous and fleshed out, is cool, instead.

The most horrific elements in the series, for me, were the block of wood demon rising from the mattress in the original film; and “Leviathan” with its beams of black light, hovering over the labyrinth.

This film look like it could be some solid monster-fun; and I still like the creepy Lament Configuration. I’m a sucker for mechanical objects that change shape like that.

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I don’t like the voice and I can’t take much presence of “Pinhead’s” from the trailer. Sure it doesn’t have to be the same Pinhead as this appears to be a reboot so to speak, but the voice doesn’t seem ominous, dark, or menacing as Doug Bradley playing the original.


I’m not sure the recasting of Pinhead was really necessary. The trailer makes it look like the storyline isn’t a remake of the original, so there’s no reason it would need to be Pinhead. Likewise, the box in this one isn’t the same as the original Lament Configuration, and Hellraiser 2 showed that there were multiple Boxes.

They should have just come up with a new Cenobite group for this series and left Pinhead to the old series of movies. That way they could both be canon to the same universe, and could have neat little references to the old series pop up.


And then, the inevitable cross-over; Hellrasier 2: Pinhead Boogaloo.


Jamie Clayton is a fantastic actor and I’m super happy she’s getting an opportunity like this. I’m not generally a horror fan, but I loved the original Hellraiser and I’m definitely watching this.


Isn’t this like the 11th “Hellraiser” movie? Are they shooting for 13 films as a goal? :thinking:

Now that I think of it, there are only 12 “Friday the 13th” movies. Missed opportunity IMO.

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The source material, the Hellbound Heart, is just brilliant in that elegant simplicity.


A few years ago I went on a bender and tracked down most if not all of the Hellraiser movies. The earlier ones were definitely pretty good. I was not at all into horror when I was younger, so I missed these back in the day.

This looks pretty good and feels more like the old ones.

ETA - After watching the old movies, I found out where they got the “Please, get them off me!” sample (around 1:19) is from in this old techno song. (IIRC Hellraiser 3)


I just compared the two on my laptop, and I think the new one is kind of an improvement. More “mechanical” undertones in the voice, and less stilted accent.

ETA: I never read the novels, but apparently this was the original intent for Pinhead, who was female in the original concept.

Its voice, unlike that of its companion, was light and breathy-the voice of an excited girl.
– The Hellbound Heart, Clive Barker


Too bad Coil can’t do the soundtrack for this one either.


They are all dead, after all… Now I have a sad… :sob:

Also, there would be no hellraiser without Coil, since the S&M magazines that they had lying around their apartment was a major inspiration for the original book.


I love living in a world where people can talk openly about cenobites and the gender of pin heads!

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…without it devolving into “WOMENZ CAN’T BE CENNYBITES!”

It is very refreshing.

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Sadly, in other forums online, I’ve seen plenty of comments along the lines of “This Pinhead is still a man, akshully.”


The Internet is why we can’t have nice things.

No, strike that. The White Patriarchy is why we can’t have nice things.


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