Which Hellraiser movies are worth watching?


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see also: http://wehavesuchfilmstoshowyou.tumblr.com/

they covered the hellraiser series in order before moving on to other horror flicks.

First Hellraiser is a stone-cold classic of vaguely high-brow schlock - of its time but not dated. Second Hellraiser is a weird mixture of brilliant, surrealistic horror and deeply silly shit. I stopped at 3.

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The first thing I thought of was that one X-Screensaver module.

…And of course, it’s the same guy. Wasn’t expecting that.

I liked Hellworld :frowning:

I really loved Hellraiser, and really didn’t love the sequel. Had no idea there were so many of them - did Clive Barker work on them all?

Oh, man. Hellraiser. If you can’t laugh at the ridiculous Cenobites in Hell on Earth, the homicidal cowboys in Inferno, or the two-headed special effects monstrosity in Hellseeker, then you can at least appreciate Pinhead’s rambling monologues. He is the evil grandfather you never had.

Sadly his reviews are a little on the short side. The worst for me - Revelations (because no Doug Bradley) & my fave - Bloodline but only if you watch it as a double feature with Leprechaun in Space.

Hellbound had Julia seducing men even though she was dead and had no skin… Those scenes were very creepy and they really captured Clive Barker’s theme of sexuality and horror. In a lot of his stories, someone finds themselves under the spell of a horrible monster because the sex is so good.


The first two movies are literally the only ones worth watching.

I’ve got a soft spot for Bloodline as well (no need for a Leprechaun chaser).
Liked origin story and the premise of a family over generations trying to right the mistake of their ancestor. Even liked the “In… Space…” bit.

It did have a couple shortcomings though. As I recall, the transitions between time periods were jarringly arbitrary and abrupt.

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What about Nightbreed? Okay, it’s not Hellraiser, but whatever.

I went to a Halloween party once as Dr Decker, nobody got the reference.


You know a series is down the gutter when you can resume it as “X… in SPACE!”.

Yep, you know a horror franchise is threading water when they have jumped literally all the sharks on planet earth! They should do one with Hannibal Lector: “In Space, Nobody can hear the Silence of the Lambs.”


I too am rather partial to Bloodline, but it certainly is a mess! Consider that that Alan Smithee has, er, co-directing credit (as per IMDb). BTW, pretty sure Clive Barker had a hand in all of these movies, mostly as a producer. [have to look that last part up…]

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Only the first two films are worth watching–because they form a complete narrative. Everything after is extraneous wankery, especially Hellraiser III, which reduces the Cenobites to little more than comic-book villains.

Fun fact:
Hellraiser 4: Some Stupid Subtitle That Doesn’t Make Any Sense features a young Adam Scott in a supporting role. This is especially hilarious given the backstories of both Henry Pollard and Ben Wyatt.

“Jason X” comes to mind. Anything else?

One of the Leprechaun movies was also in space.

That was 4. Just to let you know, Leprechaun 5 was subtitled “In the Hood”. Uh…yeah.

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