Box-art from an imaginary Hellraiser classic board-game


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Sweet! It might be a box of hell, but it’s only $2.95.


Many years ago, I found one in the dusty corner of a going-under comic book store. It came unassembled, six faces in a clear bag with a printed cover stapled to close it. I never put it together. I mean, I don’t believe it’s real, but still…


I always liked how the “solution” was always a simple realignment of some piece of each face.


My hell usually costs a lot more than that!


My current hell involves replacing the two feather pillows my wife sleeps on that exploded in the dryer today.


I gotta admit that franchise was a creative way to capitalize on the Rubik’s Cube craze of the 1980s.



The circle of life suffering is complete…


This does not look at all like a board game.


The cube opens up into a game board. All the pieces are stored inside. And you need the batteries for the included vibrator (best not to ask).


My husband loves puzzle cubes, but hates horror movies. I should get this for me just for the shear fun of him not knowing what it is.


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