New documentary about Silvan - The Great Magician


It is indeed Daniel Rosenfeld’s Mincecraft music.
Weird choice.
Hilarious choice.
Stressful choice! I was completely expecting a creeper to Shhhhhh its way in and blow the blow-dried master to blow-dried smithereens.
Still, a good little video.

We love Silvan, a very nice man and a great magician.

I’ve always found weird the way he speaks: it’s very flat, using very simple words and a very regular cadence, slightly exaggerating this or that word. It’s like he was perennially speaking to a child; which, I guess, is part of the act, but always feels a bit cold to me.

In this video, he does sound very honest at least once though: when he says his favourite trick is card manipulation. I can believe that: his hands are incredible.

He has done a lot in Italy to try and educate new generations of magicians, but somehow we don’t seem to have developed the sort of new-wave, hip/urban showmen who are doing quite well in the UK or France (or maybe I just didn’t come about them, I admit I don’t really watch TV that much). He also refuses to age, slowly mutating in the plastic Cher of magicians.

who’s we? Speak for yourself…
I believe he’s just another product of braindead italian tv

He bears an uncanny semblance to Berlusconi. Same plastic surgeon? Too much Botox? Is that a wig?
Why does someone who’s 77 try to look like someone who’s in their late 40’s. This totally killed the magic for me.

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