The Magician and the Cardsharp: The Search for America's Greatest Sleight-of-Hand Artist


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I’ve got a friend who’s a stage magician. Sleight-of-hand and not disappearing elephants. I shared this with him and he was enthusiastic, and offered to show me the center deal.

Also, there’s a great documentary on Dai Vernon I found here. Sounds like the stereotypical artist who sacrifices his social life in favor of his passion. But brilliant.

This guy is godlike.

He was on that Penn and Teller UK show, Fool Us. Twice. Technically Penn and Teller knew how he did the tricks, but they wanted to emphasize to the audience that he was unequaled in his mastery of slight of hand.

I can’t find the whole episodes on youtube anymore, but I believe he was on the Pilot and episode 5, one of only a couple people invited on more than once.

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FYI. U.S.'s CW is reshowing these UK episodes.

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