New documentary in production about electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick


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Silver Apples on the Moon is one of my favorite pieces.


I’m wondering now if the rock group “The Nice” (w/Keith Emerson, he of classic-rock-synth) song 'Diamond Hard Blue Apples of the Moon" was a nod to Subotnick, but – then again – both works came out in the same year, so…


I had that Nonesuch LP as a kid, but I’ll confess, it was just cool noises to me. I never could perceive it as music.


I too grew up with Silver Apples on the Moon, although I think Subotnick’s subsequent records were better. Touch might be my fave.


It’s cool new-fangled Space Music, like from Roberta Leigh’s Space Patrol and the Barrons’ Forbidden Planet. Back then, I’d expected it to be the dominant art-music form by now. Goddam minimalists.


Not to be too pedantic, but the title of the album is “Silver Apples OF the Moon.” I’m not sure if it was a nod to Ray Bradbury’s “Golden Apples of the Sun.”


Oh, a little more sleuthing and I see it’s probably from a Yeat’s poem: Song of Wandering Aengus.


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