New Dr. Seuss museum opening 2016 in Massachusetts


I wonder how they plan to treat abominations committed in his name, by others. I’m thinking mainly of the Jim Carey Grinch, but when my kid was Seuss-age I remember seeing a few awful books that had to be using his name simply for marketing.

I’m more curious about how they plan to treat the WWII propaganda cartoons he drew. By today’s standards they are racist and in horrible taste.

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Go to Amherst to the Eric Carle Museum instead, it’s open now and amazing.

And by today’s standards, Disney’s WWII cartoons are pretty racist too. But you acknowledge that standards have changed and move on.


Probably a lot like how we treat this:

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Don’t forget Teahouse of the August Moon; that was just on TCM.

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I assume there will be a gallery showing a loop of “Our Job in Japan,” scripted by the good doctor:

The Springfield Museums do already cover this. It’s where I first learned about his propaganda cartoons. A little googling and you could have answered your own question:

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