New Frozen Ride at Epcot Surprises Everyone

Yeah! Don’t be hatin’ on Frozen. It’s pretty good.


Oh yeah, I knew it had become dated, but coming from another time as well as place just added to its charm for me. (Not trying to oversell it. I hardly loved the film, but I generally thought it was worth one viewing per EPCOT trip. If I rode the Maelstrom more than once during a trip, I generally skipped the film after the first time.)


Yeah. I get it. But my version was funnier.

Is it really such a surprise that Disney puts money and effort into their rides to create a good experience? I though they were supposed to be the best at this, and that’s why people liked them so much.

I’ve never been to Disney anything, personally – and skip the frequent Disneyworld stuff around here so I might be hopelessly outdated on this – but the “hey, it’s not a shoddy cash grab” reaction speaks to a cynicism I didn’t expect from Disney fans at all.


Agreed. I’ve been to Norway, it’s incredible. That film was really weak, esp. when the China, Canada, and France movies all showed you could make something far more compelling, and Norway is a beautiful, wonderful place that a better film could have really put some light on.


You’re 100% right, actually. Disney is generally known for top-notch, top-quality theme park experiences – that’s why they’re so popular. There’s been dips in quality depending on who’s in charge (the Imagination ride at Epcot has gone through tough times, for example) but in general they don’t skimp on quality by any means.

But you’re also right about the unexpected cynicism; visit any Disney-centric message board (WDWmagic, MouseEars, etc) and you’ll see the most bitter, cynical, angry bunch of fanatics griping about chipped paint on a trash can or a broken fountain and how “Walt would hate this”, etc, and how Disney management must hate everyone. It’s weird and unexpected and why I avoid those websites. (Lots of “insiders” were claiming that the Frozen ride was going to be a shoddy cash grab, and I’m glad they’re wrong).


(cough) Eisner (cough)


There used to be incredibly hostile debates over the ethics of reusing/sharing refillable mugs as well, though I’ve stopped watching.

I have a pair of nine-year-old girls, so I’ve probably seen it 200 times. I’ll take care of filling his quota. :wink:


You know what’s interesting about being a parent? The ability to say “no” and not do what the kids have requested.

It’s a lot healthier for everyone.


The films in the France and China pavilions at Epcot are quite beautiful–amazing, actually.


Not having seen the movie is not a point of pride, or anything else. Just a statement.

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