New game played using sensor that you swallow


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If people can’t play Tag or Monopoly without it going somewhere ugly, then this will definitely not end well.

Imagine competitive families, all stubbornly refusing to go to the bathroom first, over days. Go ahead, imagine it now.


Does everybody stick around for the end game?


wake me up when it’s a racing game where you steer a tiny submersible through the intestines…


That’d be a hard (to swallow) No.


Ferengi were excluded from game for fear of once they had the sensor that they would not give it back.


Fantastic Voyage, while it does not take place in the intestines, does feature a tiny submarine racing through a human body:


“…can pill taking be designed so it is fun.” I hope they realize that there are some ways of doing this which don’t promote health.


I think I’d rather play global thermonuclear war.



ummm… no? no, I think that is the proper answer. No.


There’s a followup game called “Contraband Smuggler”…


At least it isn’t going in via the other end.


Worst part is when you can only afford one sensor - and have to take turns…

Hope I get picked first!




Is it shaped like a Lego head?


“I was about to win, but then I got stuck behind some a**hole.”


I’m unclear. Is this a game? Art? Extortion? A purity test? The newest* Internet of Shit™ entry?

(* and most literal)


I know the whole poop thing is hilarious, but isn’t intentionally messing with your body temperature kind of super dangerous?