Leaked presentation from AI snake-oil salesmen to AAA game company promises horrific, dystopian manipulation of players to drain their wallets


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Late stage internet capitalism!


Wait a minute. It’s useless snake oil and it’s also a horrifying assault on our neurological integrity?


schrödingers hyperbole


Gamers will never tolerate a game that sells them aimbots.


Cory makes it clear that the sociopaths making this presentation can’t realistically deliver, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for what they’re selling in the gaming industry (although I’d say it’s more the casual/cheapie sector rather than AAA that would find it appealing).


This is tragic, horrid, shocking! OMG! Next you will tell me, entire cities will be built on encouraging this kind of addictive, costly… game-playing. Oh what’s that, it’ll be in the middle of the freaking desert? Hahah ok now, you’ve gone far enough…


That sounds like an opening for an app that makes everything you do, you do in bed. (By faking the accelerometer.)

Remember to turn it off: “I’m driving to work, in bed!”


an unnamed big-budget multiplayer video-game publisher

You can just say “Electronic Arts.”


I dunno. This sort of attitude is pretty Ubiquitous.


I was going to say, “Activision”.

Yeah. I only say “Activision” because I’m a stooge for Destiny.


They may be overselling their snake oil; but it still seems like identifying and neutron purging everyone involved would be a wise precaution.


Yeah, although it’s a pretty devious plan, I am guessing you average gamer today is not as susceptible to jedi mind tricks as his sales pitch indicates.
The real story here is just how much information they are really collecting on every one of us every day with no opposition.




I don’t think this is new. You used “snake oil salesman” to describe them, and how old is that term?

There have always been predatory humans among us, whether they’re salesman or serial killers. It’s just horrifying to see that sociopathic reality take on a new facet. It reminds me of rigged games at a carnival, just updated with software and invasive technology.


Maybe not, but what about a power-up that partially assists with aiming for 10-30 seconds? Make it “expensive”, give it some sort of gimmick (a robot buddy that assists with the fight? Or a temporary clip-on thing on your barrel maybe) and have it rarely drop in lootboxes and yeah, I think gamers would be fine with it.


Nah, that all feels too much like “pay to win”


I do believe that it’s Activision who has a patent on matching you with players who have bought better gear than you have and showing you that their gear is better, then once you buy gear pairing you with the weaker players so that you feel powerful, so Activision sounds about right.


Not sure if sarcasm… But Overwatch has done it. Of course you’re not actually spending money on the ability, but they’ve made aimbots, wallhacks, invisibility, etc. part of the gameplay. In fact it’s one of the things that drew me to the game; the innovative usurping of common negative systems to create something positive and fun.

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