Eliza vs Gamergate



I like the end of the article: “It’s difficult to decide who’s failed the Turing test here.”


Although the real Turing test is a little different, and that would also be pretty interesting.

This article is really amusing. I have seen people in chat rooms arguing with bots before. So demeaning.

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“I’ve been swindled by a bot. The shame.”

It’s better than that, dude. You’ve been swindled by a female bot from the IT industry.


This made my day when @gwwar shared it.


I’m sorry, but I guess I’m out of the loop on what the #notyourshield tag is about. (I keep expecting it to be accompanied with a #hailhydra.)


Close enough.


Now someone needs to make a Racterbot for gamergate.

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XD Love it!

Bots versus Socks. Beautiful.

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And the bot wins. Perfect.


It is used by PoC, women, and other minorities who support Gamergate—and by people pretending to be the same*—to “prove” that Gamergate is not racist, sexist, etc., and to make “SJWs” feel bad about disagreeing with them. Ironically, the fine people of Gamergate are actually using the #notyourshield people to shield themselves from criticism.

(* There was a call on 4chan for white dudes to create new accounts with PoC avatars and use them to promote the #notyourshield tag. It included the line “real minorities only—no Latinos!” I’ve encountered a couple—dudes with black avatars and white selfies in their photo streams.)


Oh man, if only we could get the gamertaint assholes in a death spiral with some chat bots and they could leave everyone else alone. That’d be awesome. Plus, I’d love to see Eliza getting death threats (and then making inquiries about the details of the threats).


I like your thinking.

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Please set up the Valerie Solanas Bot to do this.


I really like the way you think too. Lots of room, I’m sure, for the Solanas bot, Racter, Eliza, and maybe even MegaHAL: the more the merrier.

The idea made me laugh first, then I looked in more details the tweet conversations and I’m not sure its a good idea. Despite the huge amount of the noise and rant generated by this GamerGate thingy, there are still some real constructed arguments here and there. A troll doesn’t take a lot of time to make their posts, they work with quantity over quality with tens of conversations in parallel, and having one of those conversations with a robot does not limit much the propagation of crap. People that take the time to make constructed and elaborated arguments for each post are the ones that wastes the more time in this story, and having their posts falling in a bot conversation is much more damagin for spreading more intelligent/constructed argument. Bottom line I feel this experiment has the complete opposite effect than expected. Not helping at all. Now me sad, I’ll ask Eliza to cheer me up.

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I’m not certain that there are other than trolls and Useful Idiots to worry about. A fair number of the trolls and sock puppets in the conversation (such as it is) are concern trolls who spout very lengthy arguments indeed - “constructed” arguments, to be sure, but not quite in the sense that you mean.

I wonder if someone could create a customized ELIZA that tweeted in support of Gamergate. If Gamergate’s human supporters are operating from a set of talking points, I’m guessing it wouldn’t be that difficult to insert a customized script. Get that bot tweeting and gathering support for a couple weeks, then reveal that it is nothing more than a small (large?) shell/Lisp/Perl/etc. script.

Bonus points if GateBot and ElizaRBarr started interacting with one another. Though in that case, I hope both programs have the BecomingSkynet penalty somewhere in their code. Just in case.

Why? Some races are more fun without brakes.

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