Adobe walks into Gamergate, staggers around confusedly





$corporation does not pay attention to $internet_outrage_of_the_month, reacts accordingly.

Nothing much to see.

Without being really immersed in the affair, it is not so easy to keep track of who is who from the ocean of screams.


…not to mention that all of the screamers seem to think they’re winning


Maybe the higher calling of gamergate is to cause enough collateral damage to #brands and #brandengagement that advertisers become more careful and circumspect about commenting on political issues.

I can dream, right?


All the screamers are winning.


The whole brouhaha is at least helpful for intuitive understanding of the meaning of “fog of war”.


The “higher calling” of gamergate is to get gaming out of the advertising mainstream, so whatever market remains is more beholden to the traditional editorial influences upon that particular enthusiast press.


I mean, just listen to them! If they weren’t winning, why would they have to scream so loudly? Clearly, all winners must at all times proclaim their victory to everyone. History is screamed by the victors, after all!


Can we stop talking about this yet?


Oh, sorry. Were we bothering you?


True about the fog of war.

For what it’s worth, I’m seeing discussion in groups I follow about how we can have more politically engaged criticism of games.


You can stop talking about it any time you like. You don’t need anyone else’s permission.

If what you really mean is “Can everyone else stop talking about it?” — well, that is up to everyone else, and you have no say in the matter.


Must have been the royal ‘we’, since we do appear to still be conversing.


I haven’t the slightest idea what we can talk about anymore, except maybe expressing general outrage and outrage directed towards anyone who is not expressing general outrage.


That’s like the buffalo sentence!


Outrage? I don’t think that’s necessary. I’d aim for a sad shake of the head, myself.


So what? Who can really keep track of all the stuff going on under the umbrella of #gamergate? I can’t even tell if I hate it or support it or if hating it means I hate women or if supporting it means I hate women. How can anyone keep this all straight?


Now that Adobe is involved I expect a lot more crash reports and reloading to take place.


Also expect the installer to suck, and be prepared for numerous terminate-and-stay-resident updaters (that also suck).