Gamergate "running out of heroes"



And now Oglaf is (predictably, nonsensically) being attacked by GGers as sexist.


The unpolitical non-gaming related (well I guess there is some D&D elements) webcomic?!?


It’d probably be good to note that Oglaf is NSFW but pretty hilarious.


I wonder if conversations like this are happening everywhere:

And I can’t imagine Yahtzee backing the gaters. He’s probably just keeping quiet in the hope that the stupidity will die down and he won’t have to comment on it and lose fans.


I am utterly baffled that they think some of those names would support them. Wil Wheaton? John Scalzi? Felicia Day? I would never for a moment think that any of those people had anything but utter contempt for that nonsense. In fact, I just saw this post from Wil Wheaton on my Tumblr dash this morning:

When you’re on the same side as Adam Baldwin, you’re on the wrong side.
(There is a 100% chance he uses this post as an excuse to have his mouthbreathing followers attack me, incidentally.)

Those guys are so vocally feminist I’m astonished that the gaters thought there was the slightest chance they’d be supporting them.


“Wow, everyone I admire thinks I’m acting like a jerk! Only one logical conclusion…”


This is amazingly unsurprising. Anyone who is even slightly reasonable is going to be against gamertaint. The only people I’ve seen supporting it in any way are anti-feminist reactionaries who don’t care about any of the specific issues (the real ones or the imaginary ones gamertaint keep going on about), they just want to see women (and those who support them) knocked down a few pegs.


There are some “safe” and “semi-safe” toons (they are conveniently labeled):

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I can understand how a pope – ensconced in Vatican City, surrounded by Fascist Italy – might choose silence over speaking up. I can’t say I support it, or think it was the right thing to do, but I can see how that could happen.

But Yahtzee, while not on the same level of moral-authority-expentancy as a pope, is also not completely surrounded by fascists. He doesn’t even have that excuse.


[quote=“OtherMichael, post:10, topic:43202”]But Yahtzee, while not on the same level of moral-authority-expentancy as a pope, is also not completely surrounded by fascists. He doesn’t even have that excuse.[/quote]The “conversation” is dead. Nothing of interest can be safely said anymore without being branded as a troll, or worse. Why should anyone say anything?

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I suspect he’s reached the same conclusion I have, that “gamergate” is all about trolls making a lot of noise by attacking people who don’t mind playing the victim card. It’s a self-reinforcing cycle with someone saying something mean or hateful online, and the other people making news stories about the mean and hateful things said about them. Throw in some death threats for maximum lols.

As an added bonus, you get to throw a potentially legitimate issue (corruption in professional reviews) to the wolves and maybe draw in some legitimate voices temporarily before they realize that the whole thing is just noise.


skimming through the hysterics-laden gamergate threads that the article linked to on 8chan was deliciously schedenfreude-filled. Anyone have any popcorn?

On a more serious note, any thoughts on where this’ll go from here? The attitudes seem to be really deeply set in these people, and given the speed at which society evolves these days, the more traditional “wait until they all die off from old age” method of cultural evolution isn’t really an option. And given how the Dunning-Kruger is strong with these ones, I doubt that education is going to get through to them any more than it gets through to the hardcore Libertarians and MRAs (especially as there’s substantial crossover between the three groups from what I’ve seen so far). So, basically, where does it go from here?

We have a loud, vocal hate group, that has shown its willingness to engage in the dictionary definition of terrorism to achieve their goals. They won’t grow up, they won’t listen, and they are being driven to ever-growing heights of fanaticism. And I’m not seeing a way to defuse them.

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or, a legitimate issue like sexism in tech and gaming. which isn’t just noise. ( i think false equivalence does matter here. )


Don’t miss this gem!


They crowdsource a g*mergate convention where they can be around their allies. NO SJWs ALLOWED. Those who have made themselves the celebrities of the GG movement to cash in on their newfound fandoms.

I would suspect that the rules and culture at that con regarding sexual harassment and assault might be substandard, and would worry that people would get hurt.

It then turns into the Gathering of the Juggalos of the videogame world.


I think I know just the people to organize it.

I can’t wait to watch the video featuring Eron Gonji in the wet-t-shirt contest (shirts provided by ABDADA no doubt).


First of all, you seem to have this weird idea that there would be females there to harass. I imagine the convention would be roughly thirty guys standing around trying not to look disappointed.


re: Bruce Sterling
I anticipate disappointment in The Leader of Gamergate’s future


I find it amusing that the gamers are interpreting silence as support. Silent parties on this issue include the Campbell Soup Company, the New Jersey State Legislature, and a bag of Doritos.