Adobe walks into Gamergate, staggers around confusedly

It’s sad that I have to stay anonymous because otherwise, someone here will find where I work, call them up, and spread misinformation about hatred and bigotry to get me fired.

You people choose silencing people over having real discussion. Kind of cultish.

But whatever. It’s not working. Adobe, Intel, Mercedes, the list goes on and will continue until you people realize your tactics aren’t working and belly up to the table.

Care to elaborate, or just memes? Will memes bring back the advertisers that pay your beloved spin centers? I don’t think so.

I … I just don’t know what to say.

Maybe it’s just better if I point and laugh?

In any case, there’ll be a clean up of the sock drawer soon enough.


Hehehe! No shit. :smile:

Are you pointing and laughing as the advertisers keep walking away? That’s kind of two faced to laugh at the people you support man.

I am not a sock puppet. I have posted nothing inflammatory or offensive. Just another view point. But if another viewpoint is just way too much waaaaaaah to bare, have it deleted. Just shows that you people require echo chambers to function. Opposing viewpoints are just too much to handle for the narcissists you are.

Do you honestly think that this is the first time this discussion has been had here, and that these rubbish arguments haven’t already been thoroughly debunked, Mr. Sock Puppet?



More biased media. That is not debunking anything.

You point to threats that cannot be linked to Gamergate. There are literally two websites cultivating trolls just to inflame this, but that is ignored.

Nothing you have here debunks anything I have written.

Go watch an internet aristocrat video. Educate yourself homie

Oh…and it seems the advertisers tend to agree…debunk that.

Funny, you sure look like one. And all the covert threats about advertisers and all… Oh my, how… precious.


For the games industry at the time, it was virtually Swiftian.

It’s not threats. I am pointing out that despite all your bravado and whining, the advertisers are still leaving.

I’m thinking of offering my services as a unicorn chaser to people reading Gamergate threads.


Of course, maybe I should fly on over to 8chan for some unbiased news about this affair! Or maybe the Escapist, that’s shown what down the line media ought to be like!

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Such as?

When did Anita Sarkeesian make that claim?

What did she lie about? When?

Who did she con? In what way?

Speaking of evidence, would you mind responding to the questions above with some.


I’m going to need a whole herd of unicorns


A point of view, yes. Evidence, facts, information to back that point of view, no. Which makes your point of view a hollow personal opinion.

If you want to be taken seriously, back your personal opinion with facts.

When did Anita Sarkeesian do the things you claim she did?


You mean like Intel and Adobe? I already know of people responsible for corporate IT purchases who won’t be throwing any further business their way for kowtowing to hatemongers. I’m pretty sure GG sock puppets can’t do that - they can only flood the communication channels. Which do you think Intel and Adobe will pay attention to in the long run? An astroturf campaign or lost sales?

We ain’t all Lefties, you know. That might be because we are actually a pretty clear majority of the general population. GG would never have got my own attention if it weren’t for the death threats. People do tend to sit up and pay attention when that happens, and not in a good way.



The data suggests otherwise. In the last 30 days she has been mentioned in 5547 different tweets. Compare that to the Shadow of Mordor corruption (1515 tweets), the allegations of corruption in Australian games journalism (30 tweets), the allegations involving Patricia Hernandez and Anna Anthropy (287 tweets), the IGF/Indiecade allegations (2518 tweets), the gamejournopros mailing list allegations (4291 tweets), and DMCA abuse (474 tweets).


Anita makes the claim that video games sub consciously make people more sexist. There is no academic proof of it. Check out Thunderf00t’s videos.

Oh and just in, Nissan pulls its ads and it’s third party affiliates. Ouch.