Colbert tackles Gamergate



To all the #gamergate supporters crying out, “Not Colbert too!” and feeling like the world is conspiring against you, perhaps this quote can provide some clarity:

“If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.” -Raylan Givens, Justified


And, of course, half of Gamergate seems to think he was supporting them:

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Best Colbert line, which most people seem to have missed (probably because the reference is too ooooooold): Can’t women just have separate but equal games?


There are surely people on both various sides who think that the whole thing might die faster if it stops getting media coverage.

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Aaaand already taken down.

Edit: this seems to be it?

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That’s even better than the “so-and-so hasn’t said anything about it, so they probably support us” line.


I love that he uses the popular lines of the “rebuttal” videos.

Ignoring a problem does NOT make it go away. This argument is brought up every time this subject or related subjects are brought up and I am TIRED OF IT. Curiously, you don’t support your claim. It’s merely an opinion. An incorrect opinion.

Misogyny won’t stop merely because people, including the media, ignore it.


Oh, but racism did go away when we all just stopped talking about it. So it totally works!


Sigh. I was not referring to misogyny; I was referring to Gamergate and the endlessly circulating sh*tstorm surrounding it specifically that seems to entirely impede any and all meaningful discussion.

Did you miss the part where I said “both various sides” ? Maybe ignoring a problem does not make it go away, but sometimes if you ignore shrill, desperate attention-seekers they’ll go away and enable the problem to be addressed.


The postings on forums like this are only the tip of the iceberg. The bulk of the iceberg are the countless harassing messages being sent to Sarkeesian, Quinn, Wu, Alexander, and many others. At least as I see it, we’re fighting to maintain some space where they can present their messages; if we fell silent, they’d be overwhelmed and silenced.


There aren’t various sides. What are you talking about? And you can’t separate gamergate from the misogyny that caused it. Ignoring it will NOT MAKE IT STOP.


[quote=“FoolishOwl, post:12, topic:44429”]At least as I see it, we’re fighting to maintain some space where they can present their messages; if we fell silent, they’d be overwhelmed and silenced.[/quote]What exactly is the nature of this space, and how is it being fought for?

[quote=“marilove, post:13, topic:44429”]And you can’t separate gamergate from the misogyny that caused it.[/quote]Of course you can. Someday people will stop talking about Gamergate and there will, probably, unfortunately, still be misogyny, just like there was before people mentioned Gamergate. There might even be misogynists and feminists and people otherwise unconcerned with gender issues out there who don’t play videogames at all!


Not to mention bomb slash terrorist threats directed at Anita.

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Simply ignoring an existing condition would not be enough to stop it. But ignoring not only misogyny, but also sexual identity as a whole does stop it. The whole problem of “sexism” is that of treating somebody differently based upon their sex, or what you assume their sex to be, or roles you associate with it. Even treating women “well” is sexist if you do so because they are women. Eliminating sexism requires people to go a step beyond that, to understand that people’s equal worth doesn’t have anything to do with what sex they might be. It requires us to give up a lot of baggage - both good and bad - to accept that people are just people.

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Public discourse, particularly on the Internet and in forums such as this one, and we’re fighting for it by articulating our arguments, calling out deceptions, and offering support.


No you can’t separate them. That is utterly ridiculous. And not talking about gamergate will NOT STOP THE HARASSMENT.


Uh, before you can get to that point, you have to recognize the behavior. Ignoring sexism isn’t the answer. This is veering off topic, anyway.

The “existing condition” here is that a large number of people don’t ignore sexual identity and make attacks based on it. Ignoring either that condition or its effects won’t make it go away.

Telling people to just ignore race altogether wouldn’t help people who are getting crosses burnt in their yards.