New game played using sensor that you swallow


Fantastic Voyage, while it does not take place in the intestines, does feature a tiny submarine racing through a human body:


“…can pill taking be designed so it is fun.” I hope they realize that there are some ways of doing this which don’t promote health.


I think I’d rather play global thermonuclear war.



ummm… no? no, I think that is the proper answer. No.


There’s a followup game called “Contraband Smuggler”…


At least it isn’t going in via the other end.


Worst part is when you can only afford one sensor - and have to take turns…

Hope I get picked first!




Is it shaped like a Lego head?


“I was about to win, but then I got stuck behind some a**hole.”


I’m unclear. Is this a game? Art? Extortion? A purity test? The newest* Internet of Shit™ entry?

(* and most literal)


I know the whole poop thing is hilarious, but isn’t intentionally messing with your body temperature kind of super dangerous?


Sounds like a shitty game.


He said, “I could expel you!”
I said, “You’ll have to catch and eat me first, ya weirdo.”

  • E. Phillips




I have something better…



So they can build up a database of human intestinal processes for medical research purposes. There’ll be something in the terms and conditions about the players giving up their rights over the data, I imagine.


Playing it old school.