New Kids On The Block concert goer startlingly disappointed


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I’m sure actual fans who went there to enjoy the show enjoyed, unlike snarky people who went there to be snarky.

Not a fan of the constant bashing of pop culture. Get over yourselves.

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Look, the article was pure snark and you may feel like it was misplaced from soneone who knew what they were getting themselves into. But this article was really about growing up.

And realising T’KNOB, I mean NKOTB deserve to be drowned in a sea of snark.

I’ll just leave this here.


Reminded me of Boytown

Yeah I mean I still think their newer material is strong even if they don’t continue to innovate like they used to. Once you’ve redefined popular music it’s a pretty tall order to continue to redefine it at every turn, you can’t expect every album they produce to have the same kind of impact as Kid A.

Oh wait, you’re talking about New Kids on the Block.


Kid A was vastly inferior to The Bends, man. It was all downhill from there.

If you want concept, you go OK Computer. But if you wanna rock — if you want straight-up f—in’ songs — you go The Bends. The first few listens, I was like, ”I don’t understand…. My brain’s not computing….” Then it clicked in: ”Ohhhh, I see! It’s the best band in the history of rock!”


Be gone, ye demon spawn!!!

Note: About to derail thread, but really, does anyone really care, like, honestly, really?

Well OK, I love The Bends. But I went down the rabbit hole with them and I’ve never quite climbed out…

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Pfft, noobs.

Every true fan knows his best stuff is this photo of him in 1988 after converting it to a sound wave.

And here it is, purely because my bad joke made me curious:

The process used to create this was:

  1. paste into photoshop, save as PSD
  2. manually rename PSD into MP3
  3. open in Audacity
  4. slow down by a factor of 99 (i.e. this is 99x slower than the original output)
  5. Profit

Why am I still not on the list? I don’t think you’re treating the task of cataloging people who don’t like a website with the respect and gravity it deserves.


It sounded like the writer was an actual (childhood) fan of the group, and disappointed by what they’ve become.

(At the moment, the most recent comments on the article are three outraged-teenager-style indictments of the writer’s callous cruelty in panning NKOTB. One of them goes on for most of a page before concluding, I shit you not, “If you seek to have a future in Reviewing / Blogging and want to be taken seriously, leave your PERSONAL opinion out of it!” I can’t help but think “you, uh, haven’t read many blogs, then?”)

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