New miracle cure for basically everything, including cancer, discovered!



Do they accept PayPal?

Pshaw, do they accept BitCoin?


I’m not interested unless I see a statement to the effect of “{some subset of doctors} hate her!”


I’m thinking the method behind the cures is owning an array of bad wigs and not the pens. It’s not anecdotal evidence that tells me this. I saw it with my own two eyes! I must order them within the next ten minutes or maybe they’ll go up in price.

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It’s only a matter of time before Big Placebo and the Marijuana Oil syndicate rub her out for muscling in on their turf.


This is encouraging news for those of us who already spend time at our desk staring blankly a tubs of pens.


Ah, but it’s not that tub of pens, so it’s probably not as effective. You should go ahead and order one just to be safe.

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Given recent events, I’d feel safer with paypal. What’s a bitcoin worth these days anyway?

Oooo, I be goin’ trollin’ with that one…

No, it means you will live forever. Staring at pens.

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I understand that Carl Reiner is filing a lawsuit against her – repeated sessions of staring at his tub of pens has caused him to go cock-eyed!

I have also heard rumors that staring at a tub of pencils causes “the autism” from all the lead.

Not to mention that she’ll have Big Pharma on her case…


one bitcoin is about 147 dollars at the moment.

What we need is a miracle cure for uncritical acceptance of miracle cure claims…

Do some DD on Inovio (INO). Amazing things are coming from tailored vaccines that stimulate the body’s response to irregular cells.

Let’s not lose sight of what’s really important here, which is how cool of a name Gemma Arrowsmith is.


I won’t believe her until she’s on Dr. Oz. Or the Jenny McCarthy show.


I pity the people who worship at the religion of ‘Scientific Studies,’ but refuse to even seriously consider the very real charge that Western medical research suffers from a cousin of reporting bias, in that the vast majority of research funding goes to research within the confines of western medicine, usually with the aim to produce a highly profitable, patentable pharmaceutical product.

Many types of alternative treatments are criticized because there is an absence of rigorous, large sample, well designed, multi million dollar studies proving or debunking them.

But, if one looks, one simply finds no such studies at all.

So, someone who actually believes in Science will not say ‘X alternative treatment doesn’t work.’ They will say ‘The efficacy of X treatment is not well established at this time.’

Someone who believes in science will not say ‘The studies showing the efficacy of X are not well designed, so X is not effective.’ They will, again, say ‘the efficacy of X is not well established and needs further research.’

Some areas have received some research, such as homeopathy. But for the most part, most treatments that are dismissed as ‘quackery’ have simply never been well studied. researched. One can say that there are justified reasons for not studying them, that they have no interest in them, etc; but one cannot make the claim that they are not effective and still claim to be a supporter of Science or the Scientific Method.


I have used homeopathic solutions for things like ear aches purchased at the local Walgreens. Was it effective? Sure. Would I forgo Western medicine for cancer for some internet site’s alternative or that of a paid infomercial? Absolutely not. If you can spend money on marketing, do a real study.

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