New museum all about failure to open in Sweden


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###“New museum all about failure to open in Sweden”

Alongside the picture of the pens in plastic packaging, my initial impression was that the museum was about “failure to open”, featuring things which are hard to open.


They included the Apple Newton?! It will never be a failure in my heart. (Take your egg freckles and eat up martha, and stuff it.)


I used to make a habit of bringing a pair of tin snips to the family Christmas…Because they are just the thing for opening clamshell packaging.


Soon to be inducted into the museum of failure: “TRUMP: The Presidency”


Are we trapped inside Trump: The game right now? Maybe Jumanji was an omen.



Is it only about commercial failures? Because if not, I still have a ten francs coin minted in 1986, an innovative design that had the unfortunate property of being very similar to the 50 centimes (0.5 francs) coin. The coins were withdrawn a few weeks after being issued.


I wonder when they’ll be getting their Juicero?


I believe I preemptively requested the stuffing of such things.

OK, fine, here’s the other obligatory one…




Do they hire?


They’ve gone through 150 applications for docents but every one was fired almost immediately.


I actually thought the recognition on the Newton was pretty good, especially given my chicken scratch handwriting.


Well, that makes sense. The Swedes are experts in failure.



I mean, that last one is oddly specific.


Do they have enough real estate to build the “Space Shuttle Replacements Wing” and the “Middle East Peace Plans Wing”??