New New Zealand Flag?

Whaddaya think, Kiwis? Lots of ferns, waves and southern crosses.

Or keep the old one?



Total waste of money; cynical red herring to distract us from the real issues; little wrong with the old flag …

Many look quite a bit like American campaign logos.

The curly-queue Union Jack (the “Black Jack”) design is certainly something.


The simple black and white silver fern seems the obvious answer. It’s used unofficially quite a bit already.
I know its a football flag, but hey, a good a source as any.

Not a kiwi here, so my opinion doesn’t count, but I have to say that the design that really caught my eye was this one:

It keeps the southern cross constellation for a bit of continuity with the old flag, adds the fern symbol that everyone knows NZ for, and the red/black/white design is just pleasant and goes well together.


New Zealand is known for ferns?

Yes! The ponga is very common here. We live in a native bush lot and they run rampant in our not-a-garden.

In that stylised unfurled “silver fern” form @gregmcph and @Purplecat posted; and in the unfurling form of the koru it’s important to Maori culture and has been adopted as a symbol of the nation in wider NZ society.


As they’re making us choose, that’s the one I’d go for too. But I still reckon it’s a waste of money to change the flag.


I really like the options incorporating the fern. The red/black option is unique but maybe the red/white/blue version is more traditional.

I have to admit that the Black Jack flag is pretty cool.
It’s the old flag, but badass.

My theory on the Silver Fern is that if you are going that way, keep it simple. Don’t try and throw in other ideas. Black and white may not be all that colourful, but its a clear symbol.


You are infringing on Australia’s Copyright, (or we are infringing on yours, but we are bigger than you) and we intend to sue if you do not remove the infringing imagery within 30 days of receiving this notice.


Pretty sure both NZ and Oz are both infringing on the copyright of the [Royal Navy][1] for the background of our respective flags. And our stars are red and there are only 4 of them. It’s different … So :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll be claiming Pavlova, Flat Whites and Phar Lap next … :laughing:

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The red/white/black colour scheme references the Maori Tino rangatiratanga flag while red/white/blue refers to the Union Flag of the United Kingdom.

As well as the whole thing being a waste of money, I’m sure it’s not a good idea to pick at that particular scar either … :worried:

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Sorry, “traditional” isn’t what I meant; I meant that red/white/blue is a popular and much-used scheme on many flags of the world, while the red/white/black would set it apart nicely, from a design standpoint. I didn’t mean to make a political comment.

Didn’t cross my mind you were, don’t panic!

Interesting how something so apparently innocuous as choice of colour palette can mean so much though, isn’t it? :laughing:

I’m pretty sure that scheme of pointless copyright shakedown is an American invention, and therefore, you’re impinging on some American shitstain corporation’s patent rights.

Sorry to export such shitty legal notions. Let’s hope whoever drafted the TPP gets strung up by their achilles and die of exposure out in the public square.


I reckon they should go with the cricket team’s old colours.

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You shouldn’t mention the cricket. The Aussies lurking hereabouts might get a bit sad … :smirk: :smiling_imp: