New operating system only runs Tetris

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Lame. It should be running at least 120 hz for the high end gaming tv and monitors.

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Very dissapointed this wasn’t called TetrOS.

Video link for the BBS


Obvles it’s not really an operating system, but I have been predicting for some time that the next big thing is bare-metal applications like this instead of operating systems.

It’s sort of glaringly obvious that if you’re writing an application for (on the one hand) a server or (on the other hand) a Raspberry Pi, it’s a wasteful, insecure PITA to deal with an OS at all.

So if you ask me, this Tetris OS is in fact the future.


Soundblaster 16 - that’s a blast from the past. So ubiquitous in 90’s computing and driver setup.


In retrospect, we probly should have left it at Tetris and not bothered with the internet at all…


Since from about 19min-on this is devoted to getting the Коробе́йники (“the peddlers”) theme correct, i here link the guy in his pajamas who nails it, (and all the variations) for all time; and i hate him because he has perfect keyboard fingers/fingering (whereas mine are far better suited for qwerty -sigh-)


The github page says its been implemented as an OS on a thinkpad, so it can be an operating system

Everything old is new again. All games used to be written this way. In the 1980s, on computers like the Apple II, good games didn’t want to give up any RAM or disk space for OS components, so they ran custom bootloaders and RWTS* routines. Effectively every game was a special-case OS. This was also done as part of copy protection schemes.

Know your computing history kids, and get off my lawn.

*Read Write Track Sector


Now to fully qualify as an OS, they just have to figure out how to port DOOM to run in Tetris.


That was deeply satisfying on just about every possible level. Thank you.

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I understand that it’s a bootable image (it’d be a weird claim otherwise). I mean, it doesn’t broker services or abstract hardware for other applications, so it’s no more an operating system than the routine that displays a Thinkpad logo while the computer powers on.

Which is a good thing, because if you only want your computer to play Tetris then why would you first spend 30 seconds loading a bloated wad of code to let you talk to dot-matrix printers and run Perl scripts?


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