Run Android on your Nintendo Switch

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I mean, android IS linux…

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If you can run android, there are a couple nice MAME emulators that are available.

I mean… not quite. “linux”, properly, refers to the kernel. Android runs using linux as its base hardware interface. On its own it’ll just sit there, handling low-level IO and managing memory and whatever else was compiled in.

There are some GNU bits and pieces between the kernel and android, but it’s very much not a GNU/Linux system. “Linux” in the sense of “getting linux to run on things”, generally means “linux and at least a barebones GNU install”.

It’s a pedantic distinction, but distinctions are important in tech.

Also, in this case I suspect it wasn’t that hard to do, since the switch runs FreeBSD anyway.

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Yes, I meant strictly in the kernel sense.

If this is part of a project to run Doom on the Switch, um…

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It’s strange to me they didn’t let us use the Switch more as a tablet, I’d love to draw on it, or even just have few app like a calendar, maps, things like that.

Weirdly enough one time I catch public wifi in a train and manage to almost have a normal browsing secession.

Yes, yes, it runs Doom, but does it run Doom?

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I couldn’t find Doom, but it will run Quake

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