New orchid species features the face of Satan


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Or I’d say my 3rd grade teacher.


Oh, come on. Doesn’t look anything like him.



That makes sense. I guess it can only be fertilized by Satan himself.


Wait, is this proof of Intelligent Design?


I don’t see Baphomet anywhere in there…


Nature is infinitely fascinating.
But I see the silhouette of a bee.


Silurian orchids!


I give up, the creationists win!


Damn, he’s really had a horn-reduction.


I see a troll, one of those little plastic buggers…


I believe it’s more likely to be the face of Beelzebub than Satan.

For some reason my brain has assigned it the voice of Beetlejuice when he’s trapped in the town model. Orchid growing out in the wild trying to attract passing pollinators with “Hey! Hey you!” then flashing its devil face at them when they get close.


Looks more like Zurg to me…



Your move, Jesus. And it had better not be another piece of toast.


That’s a bit more likely of an explanation, I’d think.

Half the fun with new orchid species is figuring out what the pollinator is.


I’m not familiar with the Telipogons, but the Dracula genus has a fair number of pareidolia inducing species.

Dracula Vampira

Dracula Diabola

Dracula Simia

They also have some of the best names.


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