40 of the world's weirdest flowers


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#13 This flower only grows in the wild, in Australia, and has never been propagated.

Its wee brother Caleana minor grows (sometimes) in New Zealand.

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I’m surprised Cephalotus follicularis, found in western Australia, didn’t make the list. It’s a freakishly lovable little plant. I’ve put a picture from Dr. Barry Myers-Rice’s Galleria Carnivora below.

It’s not surprising to me that no species of Genlisea made the list since their corkscrew traps are hidden under the soil, but I mention them because I think they’re very beautiful little plants.

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I don’t know who calls Salep Turkish Delight, especially since Turkish Delight is a well known confection.

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causing some to argue that the Corpse Flower isn’t a flower at all—rather a fungus.

Lead me to these deluded fools so that I may unleash the righteous power of botanical taxonomy upon their asses.

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Cephalotus is just as lovable as SpunkyTWS says. Why is there no plushy version?!

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You may not have seen I. psittacina, but I. niamniamensis is also known as ‘parrot flower’, has a similar flower, and is very common in cultivation.

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I swear that somewhere I’ve seen a plushy cephalotus toy, along with plushy venus flytraps, but I can’t for the life of me figure out where.

It looks like a muppet.


I’ve always thought so too. Of all the carnivorous plants I used to grow it was the one that most looked to me like it belonged in Little Shop of Horrors. The pitchers looked like they were singing. I was tempted to put little tiny eyes on the lids.

On the other hand there’s the succulent Faucaria tigrina that looks like it could take your damn finger off.

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EVERYTHING is better with googly eyes.


Nature is disgusting. Get me to the mall, now.

This was a good unicorn chaser for those of us still staring out at last week’s snow, and now being serenaded by the gentle pitter patter of ice pellets on the skylights.

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