New podcast: "Burning Man Live" offers stories from its community

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If you’re interested in a lot of interviews with volunteers, employees and participants, but not from the BORG itself, check out accuracy 3rd. They’re on their 5th season and have a wide variety of guests and topics:

The podcasters have been going a long time and have volunteered for several years.


Accuracy Third is a great podcast! This one is interesting since it’s quote/unquote official… i listened to the episode about the Temple and enjoyed it. it’s so interesting getting a bit of a behind the scenes on how a Temple project comes together and is thought about. One thing that jumped out to me about the Temple for this year (that is now going to be next year’s) is that they recently realized that they might need to figure out a way to make it bigger to accommodate all the loss that is happening this year due to the coronavirus – that thought kind of stopped me in my tracks. sadly, they are probably right.

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