Ross and Carrie become Scientologists: an investigative report 5 years in the making

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As a long-time listener, I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to the rest of the series on Scientology… I just hope they aren’t SLAPP’d into oblivion before they can post it.


I’m not sure how far they might get with Scientology beyond some initial stuff. I presume they might potentially do research on any new candidates considering how paranoid and overbearing the group is.

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I don’t want to post any spoilers, but in this first episode they allude to how far they made it (the kind of training they ultimately received) and it’s farther than I would have expected. Your point about… well, counter-intelligence, I suppose… is well-taken and also addressed by the podcasters.

I shall have to give a listen to it later today. Personally, i would not want to have any association with the group. They have a building here in downtown Austin and the place gives me the creeps, you never see anyone occupying the building but i’m fairly sure they do use it as i see stuff change on occasion.

But. Nope nope nope.


I’m a little behind. I just got to the Raelian stuff (mid 2012…) but I love Ross and Carrie. They are so disarmingly humble, straightforward and generous to their subjects that I find their take so easy to listen to and stay on board with. I’m psyched for this.

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Ow, wow! I lived in Austin until 2002. They owned that whole building but I frequented several of its other tenants: there was an awesome bookstore (The Book Mark), lots of Robert Anton Wilson, Loompanics etc. Also an arcade next to that, which doubled in size when the bookstore closed. (This was all 26 years ago.)

I recall back in the 90s that the Church had some sort of delinquent bill on that property – couldn’t find the article, but found this instead. So someone likes that place even less than you do!


Oh man that’s great. I somehow hadn’t heard of that happening. Nice find lol

I hope they manage to infiltrate deep enough to find out where they’re holding Xenu. That dude never even got a fair trial.


Don’t worry, it’s become late stage $cientoligy as of late…


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