Oh No Ross and Carrie: podcasting investigative journalists join cults, try woo, and get prodded -- for science!


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One of my absolute favorite podcasts that I’ve listened to since day one, and had the privilege of appearing on (audibly) more than once, including the epic drunk episode. While other podcasts often build up in my podcatcher, I have it set to notify me the moment an episode of ONRAC is uploaded so I can listen right away. It’s that much fun.

Necessary statement of conflict of interest: Carrie and Ross are great friends of mine, which is why I knew about this from the beginning. But I have other friends with podcasts (too many), and I don’t listen to them. That should say a lot.

I do not know Ross and Carrie but I whole-heartedly agree with everything said by TurboFool.

Tell them they need an mp3 list dammit! I don’t wanna click through a bunch of blogroll to get to the start. That, or tell them to change their code so it shows all posts in one page (or even infinite scroll?) Otherwise… this sounds like an excellent podcast :slight_smile:

I have been listening since their 3rd episode. I learned about them at TAM one year. One of my very favorite podcasts!

Not sure about an mp3 list, but it’s easier to see the episode listing within iTunes (in case i did this wrong, there’s a link at the end of their site’s FAQ) here

You can also just view the RSS feed directly, it goes back to 2011 in one long page:


If you have a podcatcher – a podcast player – and you give it their RSS feed, it will automatically download all of the MP3s in the feed. That’s what the RSS with enclosures format it for – making it easy to convey a list of files along with associated metadata in machine-readable formats to facilitate bulk and serial downloading.

Every OS has free podcatchers, so this is really easy (and it’s a great way to get the full runs of any podcast you enjoy).

Thx Cory & @TacoChucks . I’m aware of them but am very pick-and-choose with podcasts. Personally I like the Tank Riot method of just having a big-ass list of chronologic subjects by episode from which I can choose. I also don’t like the idea of a 3rd party having a playlist of the stuff I’ve listened to - especially our friends at Apple.

Well crap. On our vacation trips we’d drive from Alabama to Missouri - always stopping at this weird little diner in Arkansas called “The Alamo” which was owned by Tony Alamo and his wife who looked like country music stars and had lots of photos of them in crazy eye makeup (her) and glittery jackets (him). Now I learn he is a complete dirtbag. Great, one childhood memory killed.

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