Spoilers: Drone shots of Burning Man 2018


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The timing of Burning Man makes it impossible for most professional educators to attend but maybe I’ll make it out some day after I retire.


Ok, I doubt I’m the first one to make this association but here it is anyway:
Was someone combing the desert?


Hmm, seems like that drone was flying over people, which is supposedly not allowed at BM.

The great part about staying late is watching it all disappear. In about 48 hours all the stuff that took weeks to build disappears and you are left with a view of the open playa from your camp that used to be surrounded by RVs hundreds deep. Just make sure to lock your bike at camp. Enjoy!


This looks like a fair size population in a poor habitability spot. How is water handled? How is Human waste managed? Is it miles of supply trucks driving in every day?


Everyone brings their own water, food, shelter and everything else they will need for however long they will be there. There was one instance the first year I was there, some guy who seemed somewhat mentally deficient had nothing with him. I don’t even know how he got there, but through the genrosity of others, last I saw he had food and water. But don’t expect to go there and receive handouts. It can very much be a survival situation. Sanitation is port-a-potties, however, service to them is or was sorely lacking at times. If you wanted to take a dump you had better get there at like 4am or stand in line for a very long time. The last time I was there was in 2000, but I can’t imagine they handle sanitation much differently. Maybe just hell of a lot more port-a-potties. Perhaps the exhorbitant price of the tickets allows for that.


I would never go again, but I saw and experienced things there that you would only see at Burningman. I would recommend anyone to go at least once in their lifetime. Food, water and shelter is all you need. Hallucinogens really makes it fun.


I think the port-a-potties are handled better these days, or at least I don’t hear people complaining about them. That does sound unpleasant, though.

They’re pretty open about their finances. The tickets are quite reasonably priced given the cost of putting on the event. They have half-price tickets for people who can demonstrate financial hardship, as well.

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Who needs all those other people?

(New Mexico, but if you don’t think that’s a cool video, I’m sorry.)
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