New ransomware will delete all your files -- unless you read two articles on avoiding ransomware

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Pretty neat idea, if a bit invasive.

IDEA: Send ransomware to Trump supporters that forces them to read a couple articles on the (many) negatives of Trump and then do a quiz at the end in order to unlock their files.

Note: I have no idea how to do this, so no need to investigate me, NSA/Secret Service/MIB, thanks!


If ransomware, naughty or nice, got that far inside my PC, I’d probably wipe the drives myself. (After checking the normally unconnected backup drive on another PC.)

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Except that the vast majority of Americans aren’t even interested in politics. Lots of them couldn’t even tell you why they voted for Clinton or Trump or nobody at all. Add to that the majority of the world isn’t even American, and they despise Trump. Your target is the weak Trump voter - a very small minority of the people who will get your ransomware.

There’s gotta be a better way to talk to those people - but Clinton couldn’t find it, and she had some damn good advisors.

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They were apparently advising her about all the wrong things.

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So just the ones whose vote was ‘challenged’ by their party contract, or who did vote ticketwise, say.

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