2020 Elections: Ransomware attacks on voter registration databases and systems feared by cybersecurity officials

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/08/26/2020-elections-ransomware-att.html


they are just going to turn the power off in major cities

why make it too complicated


Here’s an idea-


If every other device that connects to the internet can be compromised why would you think voting machines would be any different?? Morons.

Go back to paper ballots or do digital machines without any kind of network connection capability at all at a hardware level. This is completely capable of being made and has been capable being made for over 20 plus years.

Stop insisting things that need to be secure need to connect to the internet! When are people going to understand this basic idea? It is not complex!

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This might be the way we can side-step the Russian hackers. If someone more civil-minded can shut down the electronic voting machines, districts across the country will be forced to use the much more difficult to hack paper ballots instead.I hope we can get someone on this! It’s not like Republicans are ever going to do anything to solve the problem.

No argument here!

But the article isn’t about those, it’s about all the other systems that are involved, like voter registration databases etc.

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Fair enough.

The fact that we have so many Security Professionals in this country and none of them can even bother to be consulted on how to make this work it’s kind of unbelievable

Not to mention many hundreds of them have volunteered their time and talent to find the holes, propose and test fixes, and have offered to help deploy those fixes in a secure and verifiable way. (“Am not Russki agent, promise!”) The only sticking point here is TPB digging in their heels and saying talk to the hand. But since the currently broken system is how TPB got into power… :thinking:

Don’t assume malice when something can be explained by incompetence, but it’s awful god damn convenient! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Who needs collusion when apathy and inaction provide plausible deniability?)


Could also be that all security professionals aren’t all of the same caliber as Bruce Schneier? I’d suspect that this is a quickly growing field hungry for warm bodies and that lots of people are being rushed through programs of varying quality and thoroughness. And the top talent probably ends up in the more prestigious, well-paying private sector, while the less talented, or more accurately, less well trained, end up working in the public sector.

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They’re just mailing out a box of golf pencils and a sheet of paper with names on it

Oh, certainly. I have no doubt that this is true.

There are very few people of his caliber around but there are plenty of people who are capable enough to make this work without being his level.

I think the sad thing is that most people understand the basic problems exist but there is seemingly no will to fix it properly. I think it’s getting worse now because despite what it looks like on the surface I think people are spinning this as a democratic party thing rather than an American thing which it should be

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