New rules for Las Vegas casinos promise a grim, joyless experience

some people love the place

Granted this is in spite of the gambling tourism, vapid club/adult scene. There is a lot about the city that wore me down enough over time that i moved away but i still have some love for the state and the city itself. Not enough to move back but something about the desert there i find comforting as it reminds me of the area where i grew up. I try to visit every year or two, would’ve gone this year but… you know…

Las Vegas has always been somewhat doomed, a situation like this has been on the horizon to happen for years. There’s been a lot of anxiety in the city since the last big recession. Reno, NV had most of their gambling tourism vanish before i moved away from that city as well and they had enacted a plan to focus on other things the area could offer. Vegas has had ample opportunity to do this as well, i know they’ve kind of tried relying on medical and conference based tourism but they then doubled down on the casinos. I feel for all of my friends still in the area, i know things have been tough over there.


Right in the middle of a fucking reptile zoo. And somebody was giving booze to these goddamn things! It won’t be long before they tear us to shreds!

If you think we’re in trouble now wait until you see what’s happening in the elevators.


Southern Nevada seems like a place where it could take a while to figure out where the “good part” is, where anybody would actually want to live, or where it could even be tolerable if you didn’t own a car and drive everywhere

An impromptu Google Maps “walking tour” of Historic Downtown Boulder City suggests that that is not it

There’s actually a lot of great hiking just outside of Vegas. Red Rocks, Black Mountain, Mt Charleston, among others. And a couple of hours away there’s the northern basin of the Grand Canyon in Utah with a slew of amazing national parks to visit, my favorite being Zion National Park. Not that i would recommend going to Vegas specifically to go hiking but there’s plenty of cool places to see in southern Nevada, including some small towns.

But yeah, to see any place of interest would take some good research and a lot of driving since most of the state is empty. Its worthwhile i’ve been to some really cool places and if you’re the sort that likes offroading, ATVs, and camping you’d be able lots of good locations with few tourists.


It sounds like you tried Vegas without an adequate supply of mind altering substances.


A .45 slug?


I have to go to Vegas once a year for the world’s largest gun show. They put a lot of effort into hosting conventions, but I wish there was a better show to go to in a different city. BUT, in January I stayed at the Park MGM and ate a breakfast that was phenomenal in their Primrose restaurant. They do these pancakes that are amazing. Like deep-dish pancakes, made with cornmeal. Just fabulous. I am looking forward to having that breakfast again. And the French Toast was also very, very good. Brioche toast with blueberry compote. And the coffee is good, too.

My fondest hope is that all of these new restrictions reduce the crowds to get into the cafe at 7am AND at the show I have to schlep my way around.


Vegas NV has been grim and joyless since my first late-1960s incursion (I have a cop story) and didn’t change much by 2019. New Mexico’s Vegas wins my vote, and my tourist bucks. Now I’m in NorCal not far from Reno but I haven’t followed events there and my blackjack-junky SIL is sheltering at home so I have no 1st POV reports, I bet Tahoe is pretty grim now.

I have inhabited desert flats and mountains. Much desert surrounding Vegas NV is nifty to absorb given the right timing and attitude. Speed past at noon and it’s all stinking desert. Stroll with senses extended outside midday and it’s a FTW! wonderland. But don’t shoot craps with lizards. They cheat.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the amazing ventilation systems for cigarette smoke turn out to be one of the better environments for avoiding germs indoors.

But plexiglass could reinforce the hall of mirrors effect and finally make the problem of finding the exits NP complete.

How much more obvious could gambling operators make the message:

Welcome back, suckers. Remember, you can take it with you!!

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