New Superman game teased

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The only Superman game I played was on Atari 2600. It was just okay.

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Superman is handled just fine in the (wonderful) Lego games. But there he is never ‘stand-alone’ but basically always used as a side character (or as comic relief) because they know that he can’t really be done any other way.

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Reading the full transcript at the source, Zaslav also implied Hogwarts Legacy was a VR experience, rather than an action RPG.

"If you look at Hogwarts Legacy, a big piece of the success of that game is that you go into it. If you’re a player, you go into that game and you’re in that world. That’s kind of a new concept. Before it was gaming and it was storytelling, and now…it’s very difficult to understand what the definition of the metaverse is…

Even if Zaslav knew the subject better/wasn’t misleading, I don’t think this is really pointing to a new game. WB Games has published DC Universe Online for over a decade, which got a Black Adam episode around the time that movie came out. Even then, trying to hype it to investors doesn’t mean they’ll make much effort to promote it. At the time of episode 44’s launch that MMO had, “…the vast majority of players are on consoles as the PC version on Steam averages just 434 players online at any given time.”

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