New top-secret documents reveal CIA plan to break Apple iOS security


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“The U.S. government is prioritizing its own offensive surveillance needs over the cybersecurity of the millions of Americans who use Apple products,” says Christopher Soghoian, the principal technologist at the American Civil Liberties Union.

Basically sums it up…

And… this, where the former portion of his comment is very naive…

Bellovin says he generally supports efforts by U.S. intelligence to “hack” devices — including Apple’s — used by terrorists and criminals, but expressed concern that such capabilities could be abused. “There are bad people out there, and it’s reasonable to seek information on them,” he says, cautioning that “inappropriate use — mass surveillance, targeting Americans without a warrant, probably spying on allies — is another matter entirely.”

That inappropriate use is clearly very much a priority for today’s out of control intel agencies.

How long before somebody installs a nice new cruise missile into the server room of these asshats?

I don’t know. But I have a bottle of good stuff in the cupboard to celebrate such events.


Couldn’t they just ask the NSA nicely? Or was it a welcome opportunity to waste taxpayer money?

Cruise missile? It would probably be easier to go nuclear.

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Cruise missiles can be nuclear. The “cruise” part describes the navigation system and flight mode. The warhead type is unspecified.

Nuke it from orbit?

I’d guess this would be overkill for a server room, even a big one. And I think fissible materials are too sloppy. Although the EMP effect would be useful.

Over-what? I don’t know that word! :stuck_out_tongue:
Burn them and their underground nest with an atomic fire, like you always wanted to do with fire ants!

That’s why most instasuns these days have a fusion stage tacked on.

That’s just a cherry on the cake. A good hit with a robust bunker-buster nuclear warhead is a better bet. There are many myths around EMP, and it is generally less powerful than they say. And even rudimentary hardening can make your facility fairly survivable.

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