'New Wave Day' from the US Festival, 1983 (video)



Boy, those two hands spreading the Us logo has an unfortunate instant association these days…

and can I claim cool status because I drove past this? Me: “Dad, what’s going on over there?” Dad: “oh, just some bad loud music.” Thanks Dad.


“I just wanted to throw one bit party in the middle of nowhere”

To review, Woz:

  1. Invented the Apple (the other Steve did marketing)
  2. Attempted to invent Burning Man,(getting it right would take another seven years)
  3. Was decade-and-a-half ahead of the goatse iconography (“those two hands spreading the Us logo …”)

That man’s ability to see into the future was just amazing.

The final performance of The Clash. RIP.

Although I don’t recall that it was officially designated as “New Wave Day”, the lineup on the first day of the 1982 US Festival was way cooler:

Gang of Four
The Ramones
The English Beat
Oingo Boingo
The B-52’s
Talking Heads
The Police

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Oh Xeni, thank you so much for this gem. This was totally my music in 1983.
edit: Stray Cats - Rock This Town @ 54:43 oh, yeah.

Wall of Voodoo! Man, did I ever grow up on the wrong coast…
And from the “coincidence --or something more?” files:

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Wonderful stuff - but how the hell did Judas Priest get on the poster? It’s like one of those “spot the seven mistakes” puzzles.

I loved most of this whole genre, with one rule, that this clip somehow contains a couple of the very few exceptions to: “New Wave” + “saxophone” = usually a bad sign. In fact, as someone who is usually defending the 80s musically, I’ll almost always be willing to throw anything with “80s sax” under the bus in such an argument.
As I said, though, this clip actually contains two of the bands whose use of sax in this period was actually not bad.

That ‘83 should be ’83. The only thing worse than dumb quotes is automatically incorrect smart quotes.

It’s those who came after New Wave that made poor and cheesy use of saxophone. Men at Work wouldn’t have been the same without it.

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