Music: "The Magnificent Seven," The Clash (1980)


Sorry to go off topic, but what was that 80s concert footage on bb that had the Divinyls in the lineup?

Might it have been Urgh! A Music War?

I’ll leave this here.

At that point the Clash were doing some of their most creative work. Dub, rap, reggae and punk all fusing together on the same album.


The Clash continues to just be awesome.

haha funny story. at the corp holiday party this year, a collegue was trying to remember the band, but grew up calling the band “dee-vin-a-lis.” They bet their pronunciation was right, so we asked a third staffer. I don’t know what the name of that phenomenon is, but it always tickles me that some people can go for decades with their own pronunciation in their head. (I still prefer to pronounce gamut as gam-oot).


In my youth, I read a lot by Philip Jose Farmer. Even after I learned how to properly say “Jose,” I still am tempted to call him Joes.

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I was blown away watching the Clash doc “Westway to the World” and learning Paul Simonon basically learned bass after he was in the band. I’ve always love his basslines, especially “the call up”. The film said he was the one pushing the reggae direction.


Good guess but I think it’s not – can’t find the Divinyls listed for that film. This was an outdoor daylight concert, if I recall.

Anyone else think the Google Ads algorithm needs a tweak or two?


US Festival?

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Watch this version from the Tom Snyder show
Amazing energy and intensity

Thats behavioral/audience targeted advertising there, Mr. Petersen. Google thinks you yearn for Christ.

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It goes so marvelously well with the quote you chose, too!

But I ain’t clickin’.

That’s it! Thanks. That was driving me crazy.

Amen. That’s a terrific performance. There’s also Radio Clash from the same show.

Vacuum cleaner sucks up Budgie.

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I didn’t get that ad. Maybe Youtube thinks you need more Jesus in your life. Did you watch a Jesus & Mary Chain video recently?


God, no. The closest I get to that is Rhino Bucket’s cover of the Sisters of Mercy’s “Vision Thing.” And that is not close at all.

When I put on my DJ/Producer hat, one of the great things about the 12" version of Magnificent Seven was how many different breakdowns there are in one track. Given two copies on the turntables (or Ableton Live for you kids playing on my lawn) one could keep this track going for at least 15 minutes. Much longer if you also work in the Magnificent Dance B side version.

Plain ol me loves this one as one of the great tracks of Poet Joe Strummer who made me feel the words were spontaneous even I knew they were crafted in advance. This TV performance falls in there as well as here where two great poets meet on stage.

While were at it, here’s the interview segment. But about Radio Clash, that one song probably is my single for growing up as a late stage Cold War 1.0 child.

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