Watch rare footage of The Clash live in Italy (1980)

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“As it should be, the quality is as good as a 40-year-old fourth generation dub from one crappy VCR to another onto a VHS tape that previously contained your parents’ recordings of Dallas and a couple Movies of the Week.”

I don’t care how bad the copy was, that was awesome. Thanks for sharing.


I’m so bummed my chance to see the Clash came and went without me seeing them - 16 years old in 1982 - The Who, The Clash and T-Bone Burnett at Day on the Green, Oakland Stadium.
I didn’t have a car and none of my friends that did didn’t want to go at the time.
There are very few bands I didn’t get to see, but unfortunately, they’re one of them.


I saw that tour. The Who, The Clash, and Eddie Money at the Pontiac Silver Dome.

I was working for a local radio station, free tickets, general admission. We got to go on stage before the show.

The Clash was booed relentlessly.

This is a a pretty accurate telling of the night including the firehose used on the crowd. We had mainfloor tickets but opted to go into the stands.

I can’t imagine The Clash being booed, that’s crazy.
Although… Many years ago I was at a multi-act show that included an up and coming Stevie Ray Vaughn. It was mostly a bunch of hard rock guys and him and he was booed. It made me sad.

It was a messed up night. When we got there we were inside before the general public. We did some promotional work and then down to the main floor. We were standing right at the barrier but the we turned around and talked about the 10,000 people that would be behind us we headed to the stands and got seats.

At some point people in the stands got onto main floor which almost doubled the people on the floor.

It was a nightmare. The Who didn’t start until after 11. It was miserable hot, we did not stay for the encore because things were really getting out of hand.

I’m not sure why they would do general admission just a few years after the whole Riverfront Coliseum disaster.

Somewhere in my boxes of stuff I have an un ripped ticket.

I miss my youth, that night was not one of the better memories but I can say I was there.

This is not my ticket but it’s exactly like mine except mine is in perfect condition. There were two colors but because we were with the radio station we also had some sort of pass to access everywhere.

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“Schlitz Presents”. :slight_smile:
That’s cool.
I used to save every stub from anything and of course a lot of things were lost in moves, etc. Then of course in the aughts, everything switched to print your own, then mobile.
At some point I gathered what I had that survived in a box and scanned them all.

Nice. I have a few but not nearly as many as you. I should find that box.

I know I have a Queen ticket from the late 70s/early 80s. We saw them 3 times with Freddie.

Concert shirts have all disappeared as well. Who knew I would ever be this old and want to look at that stuff.

Your Eddie Money ticket caught my eye. We’ve seen him many times, quite the entertainer.

Eddie Money opened Pine Knob just outside Detroit every year for 27 years straight. We saw him there Memorial Day weekend 2019 when he opened the venue the last time before he died. He was not well but he said there was never a chance he would miss that date. He did a lot of the show on a stool and left the stage several times, his daughter was watching him like a hawk. Very fortunate to see him over the years and that night.

He did one more show the next night and it was his last.

Oh my gosh, and the Tubes. We have an offshore boat race/event every year in a nearby town. They always bring in some national talent for two nights. Everyone from Eddie Money, Mitch Ryder, Night Ranger. .38 Special etc… but one year they brought in the Tubes. My best guess is the town council only knew them by She’s A Beauty and Talk To Ya Later. You could of heard a pin drop when he came out in full drag attire.

But by the time they got to White Punks On Dope the crowd was way into it.

I can’t wait till this virus moves on and I can see some decent shows again.

Even in my old age, I still remember that Tubes show with Fee all dressed up for White Punks on Dope.
We’ve been to a few outdoor shows in the last several months and one indoor one. All required vax/proof of neg test so I was mostly OK with it. Obviously the indoor shows felt a little weird, but my wife and I live just by ourselves and work from home and can quarantine if we feel exposed. Thankfully nothing happened.
Phish, Dead and Company, Lettuce and Greensky Bluegrass. Billy Strings will be here in April, pumped for it.

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